FIFA World Cup 2010

Be perseverant and you will triumph.

Frequent Asked Questions

Questions & Answers

  1. Why did you create this site?

    Well, I wanted to create a cool site to inform you guys about the Worl Cup 2010. 

  2. What are the results of this World Cup?

    You can see all of the results of the played matches on the HOME section.

  3. Which website do you think is the most imformative for soccer?

    I think that right now is the most imformative web page about soccer because it sponsors the 2010 World Cup.

  4. Did you complete the FIFA 2010 Soccer Album?

    Yes, I completed it about a month ago.

  5. Where can I see a whole calender of this World Cup?

    Well, if you enter you may see a calender section. You can press there and all of the Qualification Games will show in blue. 

  6. Are there classified teams already?

    Today, this day that I published this question, Brazil and Holland are already classified for the Eighth Finals.

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